Challenges of the energy transition in Romania

Working together for a green Europe

The Environmental Revolution

We are facing a new Industrial Revolution, which, unlike the previous three, must place environmental protection at its core. The European Union is the leader of this revolution, and through the European Green Deal all Member States have agreed to become climate neutral by 2050. To do this, they will implement the principles of circular economy, protection of biodiversity, modernisation of energy systems and digitisation.

Out of all of our economic activity, energy systems have the greatest impact on the environment. The energy transition is therefore both one of the engines of the new revolution and a necessary part of environmental protection. In Romania, the energy transition is defined by three targets which must be met by 2030: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 43.9% compared to 2005, a share of 30.7% of renewable energy in gross final consumption and the reduction of final energy consumption by 40.4%.

The energy transition is a challenge that the authorities, industry and citizens must face in order to repair the environmental damage and social inequities caused so far, and at the same time ensure a better future for the next generations.

It is our chance to finally have a country where the interests of the environment and citizens prevail, a country where laws are respected and applied correctly and equally for everyone.

It is our chance to work together for a green Europe.

PThrough the project "Pragmatic approach of the environmental, economic, social and legal challenges of the energy transition", we want to find a way to transform the energy sector in Romania into a green, modern and equitable one. We are aware that this is a complex process that cannot be done overnight, so collaboration between authorities, energy and environmental experts and civil society is essential.

We aim to address the energy transition through three pillars: public policies and measures for the energy transition – by encouraging measures to support the transformation of the energy system into a clean, carbon-free one; just transition in Gorj – by developing a coalition of civil society, local authorities and the business community in Gorj County that is actively involved in the just transition process; and a legal clinic for environmental law – to train specialists in environmental legislation to help prevent and combat environmental damage caused by energy projects.

You can find more details about these pillars below.


About the project

The project "Pragmatic approach of the environmental, economic, social and legal challenges of the energy transition" is implemented by Bankwatch Romania Association in partnership with the 2Celsius Association and involves addressing climate change through the energy transition. The aim of the project is to actively involve civil society in the development of long-term public policies to decarbonise the energy sector, thus contributing to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement.